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OXO Unisex Good Grips 1.8-Qt. Pick Me Up Tea Kettle Brushed Stainless Steel

OXO 1067271 #ad - Problems identified handles on tea kettles are positioned too close to the steam and hot water at the spout, making it uncomfortable while pouring Angle of kettle handles combined with weight of filled kettle make it difficult for users to lift and pour without straining wrists Fine motor skills required to open kettle trigger to pour hot water; difficult for many older users to maneuver Small opening on top makes it difficult to clean interior of kettle The Process The quest for the perfect interaction point between the spout and the handle so the kettle would not open when carried around filled with water, but would open easily when tipped forward led us to the current connection between the spout and handle, one that resembles a splash of water.

Oxo's kettles - the pressure is on In 199X, OXO introduced its first Tea Kettle. The kicker is that all of its elegant aesthetics came as a direct result of making the Uplift safe and easy to use. Second, the functionality should never be sacrificed to make the product more attractive - above all it should work well.

OXO Unisex Good Grips 1.8-Qt. Pick Me Up Tea Kettle Brushed Stainless Steel #ad - Oxo's solutions large, oxo staged a revolution of sorts by offering an easy-to-use, even when wet handle angle allows user to hold kettle comfortably and without wrist strain, comfortable handle is angled away from the spout and is heat resistant and non-slip, whether filled with water or nearly empty, by adjusting grip accordingly Whistle spout opens automatically when Kettle is tipped to pour - no awkward buttons or levers to press Wide opening on top of Kettle enables easy access for cleaning and can also be used as an opening to fill Kettle The OXO Story In 1990, high-performing alternative to uncomfortable and ineffective kitchen gadgets.

Safety and practicality were the guiding principles during the development process, and our little Kettle came complete with an innovative steam shield. In 1998, we corrected the aesthetic flaws to our otherwise safe, practical and well-performing Kettle with the Uplift.

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OXO BREW Uplift Tea Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel

OXO 71190 #ad - Market. The spout stays in the open position for safe and precise pouring. Easy-open spout makes teatime anytimeSimply lift the OXO Good Grips Uplift Tea Kettle by its handle and the spout opens automatically. Not compatible with induction stove tops. Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably, the pressure-absorbing processed rubber handles put less tension on the hands while still providing an outstanding grip.

The kettle has a whistle to let you know when your water is ready and has a 1. 7-quart capacity. Take care: Large lid opening for easy cleaning. About the brand: oxo was born in 1990, the first group of 15 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools was introduced to the U. S. No awkward buttons or levers -- just lift and pour.

OXO BREW Uplift Tea Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel #ad - Soft, heat-resistant, non-slip handle and durable stainless steel finish. Oxo recommends hand washing the Uplift teakettle. Its spout opens when the nonslip, heat-resistant handle is lifted, keeping fingers and hands far away from scalding steam. Made of sturdy brushed stainless steel, this kettle will last through many a teatime.

The good grips line is recognized for its durable, nonslip, flexible handles.

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Safe for Nonstick Cookware - OXO Good Grips Turner, Spatula, and Tongs Set

OXO Cook's Tools 1063494 #ad - Loud whistle alerts you when water is ready. 2-quart capacity. Soft, heat-resistant, non-slip handle and durable stainless steel finish. Set includes 9'' tongs with Nylon Heads, Nylon Flexible Turner and Spatula. Not compatible with induction stove tops. The silicone head of the spatula won't discolor, warp or Spout opens when Kettle is lifted.

. Tongs lock close for convenient storage and are heat-resistant up to 400°. Silicone spatula is heat resistant and won't discolor, warp or melt. Large lid opening for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Tongs and turner have nylon heads that are heat resistant. The oxo good grips safe of non-stick Cookware 3-piece set is what you need to have on hand if you have non-stick cookware.

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