Corning Ware Spice of Life Square Casserole / No Lid 1 Quart A-1-B

Collection: Spice of Life. Casserole dish circa: 1972 - 1987. Part number: A-1-B. Size: 1 quart / 7" W. Pattern: Centura, Vegetable Band. Corning ware Spice of Life 1 Qt.

CORNINGWARE StoveTop 1-L to 1.75-L Square Glass Cover

Corningware stovetop 1-L to 1. 75-l square glass cover stovetoptm pyroceram® square glass cover fits 1 liter, 1-1/2 liter, & 1-3/4 liter Square Pyroceram Dishes. Glass make cooking, serving, and storing easy and convenient. Measuring: 7" x 7" x 2".

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